Key Man Lock & Safe Company is the top Automotive Locksmith in Northern Utah and the only automotive specialist with all of the latest technology required to cut and program car keys which up until now, only the dealership could make.  We have the ability to cut and program laser cut keys, sidewinder keys, and even tibbe keys which are used in Jaguar and some Ford vehicles.

       Lost keys are never a problem for us.  We can cut and program lost keys in a matter of minutes.  For many most vehicles, we can cut keys from your VIN number and you may pick them up at either of our two locations, however most vehicles which have a chip in the key require us to either come to the vehicle or you may have it towed to us.  We have a partnership with a local towing company which allows our customers to receive special rates.

       If your key is broken, we can also repair it.  Before visiting your dealership and paying high fees for ignition repairs, call us.  In most cases we can save you 100% or more over the dealer and a significant amount of time and money over other locksmiths.


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