(Left to right) Glenn Letteer, Petra Letteer, Xaviere-Paul Letteer, Lance Letteer

Introducing Our Family


       Key Man Lock & Safe Company, based in Ogden, Utah is owned and operated by the Letteer family.  Our family has been involved in the locksmith trade for decades.  It first began with Glenn's Grandfather, Harold Dougal in Boise, Idaho and Harold's Lock & Key.

       Glenn developed an interest in the trade and became a certified locksmith over two decades ago.  As a new locksmith with crude tools, he set out to become a successful locksmith operating a mobile locksmith business.  He was joined on service calls by Petra, and often Lance and Xaviere-Paul would ride along and help out by holding tools.

       Glenn then worked for Diebold as a Safe & Vault Expert traveling the south east repairing and opening safes and vaults.  In 2016 he was named one of the top 30 safe and vault experts in the world and awarded Diebold's prestigious Top 1% of the Top 1% Award.

       Glenn is now a Master Locksmith skilled in all areas of the locksmith trade, but specializing in automotive.  Lance became a certified locksmith in 2008 and is currently working toward Master Locksmith certification and Xaviere-Paul is working toward advanced locksmith certification.

       Our family strives for perfection in all we do.  We pride ourselves on providing "above and beyond" customer service and quality as well as providing our customers with a quality product at the best price possible.

       We are the top rated and most experienced automotive locksmith in Utah and have won many awards.  If you are looking for an automotive locksmith, residential locksmith, commercial locksmith, or a safe locksmith, you have come to the right place.

       We are not the BIGGEST locksmith service, but we are the BEST.  Call or stop by today and see for yourself why we are Northern Utah's best and top-rated locksmith.

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